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Join Allotrope's Virtual Connect Workshops Beginning May 6th

Spring Allotrope Connect 2020 Webinars will highlight productivity and maturing solutions

Allotrope Foundation has experienced a transformative six months with the addition of new staff members, a recent release that included numerous enhancements to the software, as well 10 data models for new analytical techniques. The recently completed chromatography data model has also received enhanced capabilities. These updates and an opportunity to meet the expanded Allotrope staff will be presented at the Spring Virtual Allotrope Connect Workshop public segments on May 6th, May 11th, and May 13th.

Register for the Spring Virtual Allotrope Connect Workshop here.

The webinars will include opportunities to meet the Allotrope team, review of the recent releases, and the 2020 Roadmap by Matthew Fox (Allotrope Product Director). Amnon Ptashek (Allotrope Technical Director) and Ben Woolford-Lim (Allotrope Senior Engineer) will lead technical deep-dives into the underlying Allotrope technology stack, the principles and technical considerations that ensure interoperability, development processes, SDLC and support.

The agenda is packed with talks which will highlight new solutions that use the Framework and standards for generating, using and managing data, the support of new instrument types, and updates to previously released commercial products. A demo featuring a new Allotrope capability (high level API) to improve ease the use of use and integration of the Framework will also be showcased.

There is a lot of new information to share, so for your comfort and convenience we divided the content into 2-hour sessions scheduled over 3 days, May 6th, 11th and 13th. There is also a special session on May 18th for Allotrope Foundation and Partner Network Members featuring a more in-depth look at the high level API and additional case studies.

Registration for the Webinars is open and agendas for all sessions are posted:

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