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May 2020 Allotrope™ Connect

Allotrope Connect

May 2020 Allotrope Connect Web Meetings

(Update: Public session recordings can be found here.)

(Update: Click on each presentation title to view & download .pdf)

Public Sessions: May 6th, 11th and 13th *(Abstracts and files linked below)

May 6th     

Click here for Abstracts.​

10:00am - Allotrope Product Team: Introduction & product roadmap update

10:30am - Agilent Technologies: New release of ADFExport for OpenLab - Demo of an example ADF viewer tool to read created ADF

11:00am - Bayer & Boehringer-Ingelheim & Sciex: MassSpec ADF: Streamlined LIMS-Interfacing, Enabling Long-Term access and archiving of Mass Spec Data fully integrated ADF Conversion in Sciex Analyst

11:30am - TetraScience: TetraScience File Converter: A start-up’s journey to deliver on the promise of Allotrope

May 11th     

(Click here for Abstracts.

10:00am - Zifo  RnD Solutions: Efficiently and effectively integrate and on-board your applications and instruments through a configurable ADF generator solution.

10:30am - ZONTAL: Bringing Allotrope to the people. Enterprise ready ingestion, conversion, & management of ADF files

11:00am - Biogen & TetraScience: Harnessing the Power of Allotrope: From Data Models to Data Analytics

11:30am - Sartorius: Sample Preparation Working Group Progress


Click here for Abstracts.

10:00am - HDF Group: Highly Scalable Data Service (HSDS): an open source reference implementation of HDF5 in the cloud

10:30am - Mestrelab: NMR Converter: Exciting next steps

11:00am - Allotrope Product Team: From Modeling to Validation - Interoperable ADF, ADM & AFO

11:30am - Allotrope Product Team: From Modeling to Production - ADMs, WGs, Tools, SDLC, Support Maintenance (Additional files used in presentation: Aggregation template .XLXS + Aggregation Example Completed + Aggregation Example image

Allotrope Foundation Community Sessions:

May 18th     **Sessions available to Allotrope Foundation and APN members only**

Click here for Abstracts.

Presentation Material (videos and files) are on Allotrope Foundation Client Connect, click here to be redirected to Client Connect (opens new window).

10:00am - Allotrope Product Team: Technical Session: High Level API Walkthrough and Demonstration

10:30am - Merck: AFO and ADM Re-Use in Other Domains & Portability of Allotrope Modeling Process

11:00am - Roche: Simplify LIMS data re-use through Allotrope and a smart Data Catalogue

11:30am - Sartorius: Sample Preparation Unit Operations​​

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