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Product Access & Roadmap

Allotrope Framework Access and Availability

The Allotrope™ Data Format (ADF) and its APIs, as well as the Allotrope Data Models (ADM) are currently released into production and are available to the Allotrope community, under an access model considering both commercial and non-profit use cases (link to Membership & Licensing). Available ADM's can be found here.

The Allotrope Foundation Ontologies are available publicly under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY), more details and the Ontologies themselves are available here. or on BioPortal here (opens in new window).


What’s next?

The significant upfront investment to date by the Founding Members of Allotrope has positioned us for long term sustainability, and provides an approach, structure and community that can be leveraged with additional incremental investment to extend into other domains of laboratory data.  The future roadmap of techniques, instrument and data types, and use cases will be determined by the community of adopters and implementers and their investments to extend the taxonomies, ontologies and data models.  But, the extensibility and generalization of the Allotrope Framework means it’s not a question of “how”- it’s only a questions of “where” you want to go next!  We have the Framework and a repeatable approach to expand techniques, we just need the subject matter experts willing to collaborate.

What's Next
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