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2021 Fall Allotrope™ Connect

Allotrope Connect (Fall 2021)

Bringing together Allotrope members and the broader scientific community to discuss how we are delivering faster insights from new and existing data within organizations by improving standardization of data and its interpretation across laboratory and manufacturing operations.


With over 47 data models, and growing, Allotrope is leading the way in data standardization thereby allowing quicker access to insights within data.


Sept 13th

  • Implementations of Allotrope Strategy and Vision

    • Allotrope Update (Allotrope Executive Committee) Video & Slides

    • Building a path to interoperable data (Allotrope Modeling Working Group) Video & Slides

    • Constructing Allotrope Simple Models (ASM) and Validating with JSON Schema to Achieve Data Interoperability (Allotrope Product Team) Video & Slides

​Sept 15th

  • Use cases and Proof-of-Concepts

    • Pistoia Alliance MethodDB: Agilent acquisition method (Agilent, Pistoia, and ZONTAL) Video & Slides

    • Enabling Faster and More Cost-Effective Data Management Using flexFS with the Allotrope Data Model (Paradigm4) Video & Slides

    • New Release Upcoming w/3rd party data conversion : Agilent ADF Export 1.3 for OpenLab (Agilent) Video & Slides

    • Allotrope, the silent enabler of deep integration between Mnova and ZONTAL (Mestrelab and ZONTAL) Video & Slides

Sept. 20th

  • More Use Cases & Proof-of-Concepts as well as Technical Presentations

    • Delivering Digital Transformation with Self-Reporting Data Assets (BYU) Video & Slides

    • Simplified JSON-LD representations of linked data based on Allotrope Data Models (Merck) Video & Slides

    • Python Package for Reading ADF Data Description (The HDF Group) Video & Slides

    • Allotrope Simple Models (ASM) Validation and hand-on demonstration (Allotrope Product Team) Video & Slides

      • JSON Schema Primer​

      • ADM (SHACL) to ASM (JSON Schema) Transformation Brief

      • Hands-on demo

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