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Release Notes

Allotrope Foundation Ontologies (AFO)

Choose the AFO Dictionary download options below if you don’t use ontology management software and are not familiar with semantic representations of ontologies.  The AFO Dictionary will provide a simple tabular view of terms, definitions, unique identifiers, and the source of the information.

Download the latest Allotrope AFO Dictionary

Choose the AFO release option below to download advanced semantic representations of Allotrope Foundation Ontologies ready for import into your ontology management software or other semantically enabled technologies.

Download the latest AFO realease

To download older archived AFO releases, please refer to JFrog Artifactory (external link).

To view the latest archived AFO release on an ontology lookup service, please refer to Bioportal (external link).

The Allotrope Foundation® Ontologies (“AFO”) is a curated collection of defined terms prepared by Allotrope Foundation.  The AFO is collectively licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY).  However, the collection includes terms that are from or based on third party sources, as identified in the attribution file within the AFO software release package, as updated from time-to-time.  Such individual terms may be subject to subject to other licenses specified by the source (e.g., terms from the CHMO or chemical methods ontology are also under the CC-BY, while terms based on Wikipedia entries are subject to CC BY-SA).

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