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An industry-wide solution requires industry wide participation!  Join Allotrope Foundation and leverage a unique opportunity to be part of a community of thought leaders in analytical sciences, IT, Quality, etc across 40 member companies and partners that are contributing to the project, collaborating and revolutionizing their approach to scientific data. 

Benefits of Being Part of the Allotrope™ Community

  • Influence direction of development - ensure that the Framework meets the needs and objectives of your company.

  • An industry-wide solution requires industry-wide participation.  It’s also a unique opportunity to join a community of thought leaders revolutionizing their internal environments—leverage that community to learn HOW to get started!  There is a learning curve, but the community can help you up the curve.

  • Membership provides access to training events & materials, and technical support to help integrate and adopt the standards.

  • Allotrope members are sharing the investment to develop and enhance the Framework, as well as contributing back taxonomy and ontology development and other enabling technologies.

  • We’re learning a lot about what it takes to adopt our internal roadmaps and strategies, as well as about what will be possible in the future that is inconceivable in the current state—develop and maintain a strategy to be a leader in reducing non-value effort, improving data integrity, and maximizing the value of data.

  • If as a collection of industries we want to realize the potential value of the Framework and standards, we need to ensure the community and financial support is sustainable.  Strong representation also makes vendor adoption more attractive, in making this an industry standard.


Membership and Licensing

Openness, driving adoption, and long term sustainability are the principle drivers that shape our model to enable our industry and the scientific community in general to leverage the foundational work of Allotrope and continue to grow.

Learn more about becoming a member of Allotrope Foundation and licensing the Allotrope Framework technology.

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