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2024 Spring Allotrope™ Connect

Companies Registered to Attend:
AbbVie • Agilent • Amgen • BASF • Bayer • Bio-Rad • Boehringer Ingelheim • Bruker • Cencora Pharmalex

2024 Spring Allotrope Connect Workshop (May 15 - May 17, 2024)


Expanding Opportunities for Allotrope in the Era of Generative AI

The Allotrope Connect Workshop brings together Allotrope members and the broader Chemical & Pharmaceutical/Life Sciences scientific community to revolutionize and discuss the way we acquire, share and gain insights from scientific data within organizations by improving standardization of data and its interpretation across the analytical laboratory and manufacturing operations.

With over 60 data models, and growing, Allotrope is leading the way in data standardization thereby allowing quicker access to insights within data.


Registration is now closed. 


May 15 - May 17, 2024

  • Day 1, May 15 = in-person only

  • Day 2, May 16 = hybrid (remote participation via MS Teams)

  • Day 3, May 17 = in-person only



Eligibility to Attend:

All events are open to the public, regardless of membership in Allotrope or APN



Pfalzgrafenstrasse 1

67061 Ludwigshafen am Rhein



*BASF Digital Solutions GmbH, next to BASF’s headquarters


Available by clicking here

Travel Information:


Expanding Opportunities for Allotrope in the Era of Generative AI

  • Adjacencies and investments in a cooperative ecosystem of data standards

  • Continuing Progress on the Fundamentals

    • Allotrope in Action

    • Hackathon sessions **new**
  • Shaping our Future Together Guided by Data Centricity as a Mindset
    • Guiding options to further extend the value of Allotrope
      • Reverse engineering from a critical business or scientific decision
      • Fueling AI agents across the experiment and product lifecycle
      • AI ready data - shifting emphasis to the I and R in FAIR




Detailed program and list of speakers can be downloaded here

Detailed presentations abstracts and speaker's bio can be downloaded here


Day 1: Wednesday, 15-May-2024

8:00-9:00         Breakfast & Registration


9:00-9:15         Welcome

                        (Frederick Francois Chesneau, BASF and Janet Cheetham, Chair Allotrope Foundation)​

9:15-11:00       Breakouts + Readouts:  The role of data standards in the era of generative AI

                        - view breakout slides, view Group F readout slides


11:00-12:00     Community Networking


12:15-12:30     Lightning Talks:  Member Updates on Digital Journeys: Amgen

                        (Janet Cheetham, Amgen)

12:30-13:15     Keynote presentation by Stefan Dreher, BASF

                        (Stefan Dreher, BASF) - view slides


13:15-14:00     Lunch


14:00-14:30     Lightning Talks:  Member Updates on Digital Journeys: Johnson & Johnson, MSD

                        (Gang Xue, Johnson & Johnson. Vincent Antonucci, MSD) - view J&J's slidesview MSD's slides 

14:30-15:00     Leveraging knowledge graphs for efficient use of laboratory instrument data

                        (Jindrich Mynarz, Maksym Skoryk, MSD) - view slidesview Python notebookdownload Python notebook

15:00-15:30     Standardizing Data, Amplifying Insights: ZONTAL's Methodology for Allotrope-Powered Generative AI

                        (Dennis Della Corte, Zontal) - view slides


15:30-15:45     Break


15:45-16:15     OpenChrom meets ADF and ASM

                        (Matthias Mailänder, Lablicate) - view slides

16:15-16:30     Addressing Implementation Challenges of Instrument Data Converters at IFPEN

                        (Maxime Visconte, IFPEN)

16:30-17:00     Standardizing and unifying unstructured instrument data with Large Language Models (LLMs)

                        (Andrew Chen) - view slides

17:00-17:15     Allotrope Foundation's Branding and Marketing Refresh Project

                        (Kashef Qaadri, Allotrope Foundation Partner Network Lead) - view slides

                        Closing remarks

                        (Frederick Francois Chesneau, BASF and Vinny Antonucci, Vice Chair Allotrope Foundation)​


18:00-20:00     Reception & Group Dinner

                        (Rene Bohn restaurant, René Bohn, René-Bohn-Straße 4, 67063 Ludwigshafen am Rhein)

Day 2: Thursday, 16-May-2024

8:00-9:00         Breakfast & Registration

9:00-9:15         Opening remarks

                        (Frederick Francois Chesneau, BASF and Vinny Antonucci, Vice Chair Allotrope Foundation)

9:15-9:45         Unleashing Lab Connectivity: LADS and ASM Revolutionizing Seamless Lab Integration and Data Flow

                        (Heiko Fessenmayr, Agilent Technologies) - view slidesview on YouTube

9:45-10:15       Using ChatGPT for automatic asset onboarding for Industrial IoT projects

                        (Erich Barnstedt, Microsoft) – Remote presentation - view slidesview on YouTube

10:15-10:45     Unlocking the automation potential via open standards

                        (Kathrin Cohen and Tobias Umbach, BASF) - view slidesview on YouTube


10:45-11:00     Break

11:00-11:30     True Instrument Integration Requires More Standardization

                        (Sven Arenz, BASF) - view slidesview on YouTube

11:30-12:00     Archiving of electronic raw data in the GxP environment - the ADF data format

                        (Burkhard Matthes, Boehringer Ingelheim) – Remote presentation - view on YouTube

12:00-12:30     Allotrope Working Groups and Release Update

                        (Ben Woolford-Lim, Allotrope Product Team) - view slidesview on YouTube

12:30-13:15     Lunch

13:15-13:40     AFO + IDMP-O: Connecting pharma data across the entire value chain with a network of interoperable

                        industry ontologies

                        (Heiner Oberkampf, Accurids & Pistoia Alliance) - view slidesview on YouTube

13:40-14:00     IDMP Ontology - Bridging Pharma Efficiency – Remote presentation

                        (Gerd R. Kleemann, Amgen & Pistoia Alliance) - view slidesview on YouTube

14:00-14:30     Pharmaceutical CMC ISA-88 Process Ontology

                        (Cameron Gibbs, Crown Point & Pistoia Alliance) - Remote presentation - view slidesview on YouTube


14:30-15:00     Networking

15:00-15:30     Natural Language Processing-Based Extension of the Allotrope Foundation Ontology – Remote  


                        (Alexander Behr, TU Dortmund University) - view slidesview on YouTube

15:30-16:00     ASM Converter Implementation: Strategies & Lessons Learned - Remote presentation

                        (Joe Negri, Benchling) - view slidesview on YouTube

16:00-16:30     Hackathon Readout

                        (Ben Woolford-Lim, Allotrope Product Team)
16:30-17:00     Reflection:  key themes from the meeting / potential next steps

                        (Frederick Francois Chesneau, BASF and Janet Cheetham, Chair Allotrope Foundation)


18:00-20:00     Reception & Group Dinner

                        (BASF Gesellschaftshaus, Gesellschaftshaus der BASF, Wöhlerstraße 15, 67063 Ludwigshafen am Rhein)

Day 3: Friday, 17-May-2024

8:00-9:00         Breakfast & Registration                                                                                                  

9:00-12:00       Work on action items summarized at the end of day two                          
12:00               Closing

                        (Frederick Francois Chesneau, BASF and Janet Cheetham, Chair Allotrope Foundation)

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