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May 2020 Allotrope™ Connect

Allotrope Connect

May 2020 Allotrope Connect

Allotrope Community-Only Session Day 4, May 18th: Abstracts

10:00am - Allotrope Product Team: Technical Session: High Level API Walkthrough and Demonstration


Amnon Ptashek, Technical Director, Allotrope Foundation

Ben Wooford-Lim, Senior Engineer, Allotrope Foundation

Abstract: The Allotrope product team will walkthrough using the new High-Level API for LCUV, and show how much easier it is to work with the Allotrope framework with the new API we will have a live demonstration from a community member who is not a software engineer.

10:30am - Merck: AFO and ADM Re-Use in Other Domains & Portability of Allotrope Modeling Process


Wes Schafer, MRL Process Research & Development, Merck

Jan Nespor, MRL Eng., Dev. & Integration, Merck

Arthur Sergi, MRL Process R&D IT, Merck

Abstract: The AFO/ADM overlaps many workflow domains that use the analytical techniques in Allotrope’s scope.  In many cases, AFO terms can be used as-is.  Concepts from experimental workflows relevant to the scope of Allotrope are easily governed and added to its ontologies.  Allotrope’s conformance with Basic Formal high -level ontology facilitates term adoptions and interactions with other ontologies.  For concepts outside the current scope of existing ontologies, the ADM patterns and model development process are easily applied to develop new and/or internal ontologies.    Using catalyst screening as an example, this work shows that the AFO and Allotrope ADM modeling process can effectively connect analytical data to its experimental context.

11:00am - Roche: Simplify LIMS data re-use through Allotrope and a smart Data Catalogue


Dr. Etzard Stolte, Global Head Knowledge Management PTD, Roche

Abstract: Finding previous knowledge / information / data in global organizations like Roche is notoriously difficult. Data Catalogues are an inexpensive approach to find data & information assets within our distributed, heterogeneous and siloed R&D environment. Smart Data Catalogues add various modelling & NLP methods to deal with some of the typical quality problems in the underlying data. In this presentation I will present our approach to a SDC in Technical Development that uses Allotrope for ingesting of historical LIMS data, some learnings as ongoing expansion.

11:30am - Sartorius: Sample Preparation Unit Operations​​


Reinhard Baumfalk, Head of Product Development, Sartorius

Thomas Schink, Head of Embedded Computing, Sartorius

Abstract: Within the Sample Prep Working Group a concept was developed to document a workflow based on a modular library of common operational elements. The focus here is to offer a strategy to document this highly variable and individual sequence of working steps according to the Allotrope concept. Final goal of the WG is to generate an ADF file as input for the subsequent analytical process.

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