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Allotrope™ Connect Public Workshop Day Fast Approaching


April 25, 2018


Waldbronn, Germany

There is still time to plan to attend the Allotrope Connect Workshop, but just a little, only limited space remains!

Members of the Allotrope Foundation and Partner Network invite you to:

  • Learn the basics of the Allotrope Framework

  • Understand the connection between the Framework and the digital transformation of your data lifecycle

  • Listen as members present actual use cases they have implemented

  • Participate and contribute to discussions in breakout sessions

  • Meet new contacts and develop connections with your peers

  • Enjoy dinner with workshop participants in a relaxed atmosphere

Join Allotrope for a day of presentations, demonstrations, and meaningful discussion around the use and storage of scientific data. Capitalize on this unique opportunity to talk with Allotrope and APN members who have integrated the Framework into their own organizations as well as those who are just beginning the integration process. Learn the triumphs and the challenges members have encountered along the way and the revelations they discovered during the process.

Click here to view the detailed agenda and register.

Hosted by:

Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies

Sponsored by:



Allotrope. Rethinking Scientific Data

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