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Release of First Phase of the Allotrope Framework for Commercial Use

Member companies have already incorporated the Allotrope Framework into a variety of solutions, some of which are in full production. The first release of the Framework (v1.0) was made available internally (Q4 2015) to allow early adopters at the individual member companies and vendors to use these Framework components for real world testing to ensure the validity of the Framework architecture. These early implementations also provided a mechanism for feedback to improve the public release candidate and created a vehicle to accelerate collaboration with the instrument and software vendors, as well as service providers, by providing specific use cases to catalyze collaboration. Some of these projects are highlighted in the Case Studies, and presentations from previous Allotrope Connect meetings.

Working closely with our Framework Architect, Osthus, the subsequent feedback drove updates and extension in two subsequent releases. This was followed by extensive testing by EPAM (under contract with Allotrope), the developers at Osthus, and representatives across the Allotrope technical community- which led to delivery of the version of the ADF and class libraries made available in early July.

The ADF is the first of three Framework products to be released this year as Allotrope Foundation continues to progress with strong momentum on its mission and deliverables. Release of the next product, the Allotrope Foundation Ontology (AFO), is scheduled in September 2017. The third release will deliver the first version of the Allotrope Data Models (ADM) by year-end 2017.

While the three components of the Framework (ADF, AFO, ADM) will work together to realize the full potential of adoption, recent deployments at member companies are already highlighting the important, and unique value in adopting the ADF.

The ADF is now established as the most easily extensible instrument, technique, vendor and platform agnostic standard format for data. In addition, it is the first format that integrates semantic standards and capabilities with the data storage. Used in a data archive or repository today, the ADF can store acquired data in the Data Cube as well as native instrument data files in the Data Package. That extensibility means the metadata in Data Description can be updated as the Allotrope Ontologies mature for relevant techniques and workflows. Any updates are automatically captured in the audit trail along with any other activities or access in the file. The ADF is the first step towards breaking the dependency on obsolescent tools, while maintaining access to historical data, in the same standard that will support future versions of instruments and software.

Allotrope Foundation, the consortium behind these products, was launched as a spin-off of another very successful collaboration, the International Consortium for Innovation and Quality in Pharmaceutical Development (IQ). Pierre Boulas, chair of the IQ Board of Directors, commented on these recent accomplishments:

“I have had the privilege to follow the Allotrope Foundation from its very first steps as an idea to what has now become a very effective organization. The release of the first phase of the Allotrope Framework for commercial use is an outstanding achievement of what looked like an audacious goal just a few years ago. Beyond the technical achievement, the collaborative effort must be applauded. Such effort demonstrates the possibilities that arise from cross-industry collaboration which is at the heart of the Allotrope mission as it is at the heart of the IQ Consortium mission. The Allotrope Framework not only provides a “real world” solution to a common challenge in the scientific data landscape, it enables broader innovation and is likely to positively challenge the way we work. On behalf of the IQ community, I extend congratulations to the Allotrope community of innovators and its leaders for such an accomplishment.”

Earlier this year, the Foundation was also recognized with the 2017 BioIT World Best Practice Award in Knowledge Management. You can read the full press release announcing the release and highlighting the recognition with the BioIT World best Practice Award here.

You can find more details on the Access and Membership Model here.

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