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Fall 2019 Allotrope Connect Workshop

The Allotrope Connect meeting, hosted by Genentech in South San Francisco, is around the corner (October 7 -11) and registration is now open!

If you couldn’t make it to the European Spring 2019 meeting graciously hosted by Biovia in Velizy, France this Fall meeting in the USA will offer the opportunity to get up to speed on the latest Framework technology developments and to learn from the companies deploying game-changing solutions for their data integrating the Allotrope standards. While the rate of change means every meeting agenda is different, the recurring themes include:

  • An overview of recent near horizon releases

  • Case studies and updates on mature deployments and the view on emerging ROI

  • New use cases and innovative new applications of the Allotrope Framework

  • Updates on developments or releases from APN members

Allotrope conversion-as-a-service was a hot topic in a break out session at the last meeting in April and will be featured in a talk during the public session.

The presentations, discussion, and networking opportunities will provide attendees a diverse range of perspectives and insights to applications at different scales and complexities of implementation. The overall experience will help attendees understand how to identify opportunities to start your transformation and the respective business benefits, what capabilities and resources are required, and what is available in the Allotrope Foundation and ecosystem to help you.

As always, Allotrope Foundation and Partner Network Members will continue working in parallel technical and strategic tracks on Wednesday and Thursday, with a focus on what Allotrope and the partners in the ecosystem can do to deliver value through adoption of the Framework and Standards.

Plan on catching the poster and networking session the night before (Mon. Oct 7) as well. We hope to see you there!

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