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Allotrope™ Connect

Allotrope Connect


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Bronze Level - 

WhenApril 25, 2018


Where:  Hosted by Agilent Technologies in Waldbronn, Germany


WhatThis event offered a great opportunity to delve more deeply into the technology and approach, pose questions and challenges, and get exposed to more than a dozen specific projects/use cases implementing solutions using the Framework.  The format included presentations, break-out sessions, posters and networking with people from Member Companies and the Allotrope Partner Network.  These one day immersive sessions were a really effective way to comprehend and assess where this fits in with ones data strategy and the lab/development/plant informatics environment in general. 




Detailed Agenda:  Us the following buttons to view a complete agenda for each day of the Workshop.

As you think about your roadmap for evolving your data strategy, this session will allow you to get a better sense of the Allotrope technologies and where the community is going with respect to data acquisition, management, and analytics.

Videos for a previous session this year can be found here:

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