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The New Allotrope Web Site

The Allotrope Foundation web site ( has recently undergone a complete overhaul and re-launch. The new design and layout simplifies navigation, organizes related topics together, and easily allows quick access to more detailed information. In addition, new content and features have been added:

  • The main landing page presents a new overview video that simply explains the why, what, and how of the Allotrope Foundation

  • Case Studies highlighting recent projects

  • Lists of Allotrope Working Groups featuring new project collaborations between Member and Partner Network companies

  • Current news and events including press releases

  • Details on the 2017 Roadmap and Project Release schedule which tracks the first publically available Framework components

  • A calendar of upcoming training, conferences, and Allotrope Connect Workshops

  • This Allotrope Foundation Blog

We welcome your comments and feedback on the site – email us at

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