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Our History

Founded in 2012, Allotrope Foundation is an international consortium of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and other scientific research-intensive industries that is developing advanced data architecture to transform the acquisition, exchange, and management of laboratory data throughout its complete lifecycle.  Its first initiative is the development of the Allotrope Framework for analytical data, consisting of a standard data format, class libraries for interfacing with applications, and semantic capabilities to support standardized, structured metadata.  Allotrope aims to make the intelligent analytical laboratory a reality – an automated laboratory where data, methods and hardware components are seamlessly shared among disparate platforms, and where one-click reports can be produced based on data generated by any analytical instrument, and data integrity is built-   in by design.  Allotrope's vision of an intelligent analytical laboratory will be realized through the creation of an "ecosystem" in collaboration and consultation with vendors and the scientific community.  Our shared mission is to develop new approaches to improve data access, interoperability, and data integrity through standardization which ultimately serves as a key enabler of data-driven innovation.

About Us

Our Approach

Membership and license fees support the operation of the Foundation and core Framework development activities.


The development of taxonomies, ontologies and data models is enabled by working groups that are comprised of representatives representing both Member and Partner Network companies.  Theses modular teams collaborate to define the terminology and models for a particular technique or workflow, and feed a central governance and integration process, with a curation team and principal semantic engineer to ensure adherence to architectural and style principles.  

We’re actively seeking collaborators to bring their expertise and priorities to the table and help define the ontologies and models for new techniques and workflows!  

Allotrope Foundation and Partner Network members have also made generous in-kind contributions to support the mission, which we are happy acknowledge here

Our Approach

About Us

The Secretariat

The Consortia Management Team at Faegre Drinker Biddle & Reath, LLP acts as the Allotrope Foundation Secretariat providing, legal, project management, and logistical support to the Foundation.


Framework Architect

By means of a comprehensive and rigorous RFP Process, OSTHUS GmbH was chosen as a the original vendor to create the Allotrope Framework while providing technical insights.


For more information about Allotrope Foundation, please contact us.



Office of the Secretariat

1500 K Street, NW

Washington, DC  20005

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