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Allotrope™ Connect

Allotrope Connect

Reference for All Allotrope Connect Meetings:

Additional Information for Presenters for Understanding of Material Usage

Distribution of Materials

  • Materials presented during a designated “Public Session” will be made available to the general public after the sessions via the allotrope website (

  • Materials presented during a designated “Allotrope Community-Only” (aka, Private Session) will be made available on Client Connect.

  • All materials will be converted to PDF prior to posting. If you wish to supply a PDF please do so with your final, approved presentation.

Recording of Sessions

  • Allotrope Foundation may record the Allotrope Connect sessions

  • By agreeing to give a presentation, all speakers agree and acknowledge that their presentation may be recorded.

  • Participants on the call will be notified when recording will start during each session. If an individual does not wish to be recorded, they should not speak or leave the session.

  • Recordings made during a designated “Public Session” will be made available to the general public and those made during a designated “Allotrope Community-Only” session will remain internal to Allotrope.

Preparation of Materials

  • Presentations sponsored by Allotrope Foundation or on an official Allotrope Foundation activity (e.g., Working Group presentation), the presentation should use the official Allotrope Foundation template. All other presentations should use your company’s template and presentation theme.

  • Regardless of which session a presentation is given, Allotrope Foundation will not accept nor treat any presentation materials as confidential information. Presenters are strongly advised to only include information in their presentation that can be disclosed. Text or graphics indicating confidentiality should not be included in presentation materials.

  • Presenters are responsible for completing any internal reviews and approvals required by their company

  • Potential presenters will be notified on or before September 9th if their abstract has been selected for inclusion.

  • If you do not provide their final presentation material by September, 23rd at 9:00pm EDT, you may not be allowed to present.

  • By supplying your presentation material you are agreeing to the above stipulations.

Presentation of Materials

  • All presentations will likely be presented from one designated computer so be sure to provide Allotrope with your final presentation slide deck

  • Any demos can be run from a personal computer

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