Examples of implementations integrating the Framework at member companies, underway or targeted for production roll-out in 2017, include:

  • Instantiating consistent metadata at the source with integration of taxonomies in the ELN to enable user friendly means to create the description and planning of an experiment using a controlled vocabulary; ADF stored in Hadoop “data lake” with index based on controlled and enriched metadata;

  • Using ADF/taxonomies to eliminate the manual creation and implementation of a new analytical method;

  • Using Allotrope semantics to build a more automated, keyboard-less lab;

  • PoC for an end-to-end (request to ELN) chiral method screening workflow enabling greater automation leveraging vendor-agnostic LC-UV ontologies and data shapes to create ADF converters and parsers for key meta data , and integration of the results into the ELN;

  • Leveraging the ADF for long term data retention/access for vendor/platform agnostic storage solution for NMR data, simplifying the data landscape.


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